HDMI male to VGA female Converter DIGIGEAR HDMI to VGA CONVERTER - Putih


Power Input: No need extral Power,Power supply from HDMI Power

It has built in chip to transform the signal. ONLY work for HDMI to VGA.

It supports full-size high-definition resolution of 720p or 1080p.

Suitable for All HDMI input device (like PC, DVD, PS3, Xbox360, etc )

and VGA output device (like monitor, projectors, etc).

Built-in chipset.

HDMI input: the HDMI input interface.

VGA output: VGA signal output interface.

Don';t support Audio output.

Length: 240mm .

Color: hitam - putih (tulis diketerangan atau dikirim random)

Package include:

1 X HDMI Male To VGA RGB female Video Converter adapter

Rp 36.000

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